PMO Services

Are you in control of your Programmes? Is value being added by your projects?
Do you frequently find that your programmes or projects do not deliver the benefits your Business Case originally promised? Or perhaps your projects overrun, exceed budget or simply do not deliver.

Are you looking to provide Centres of Excellence within your organisation where ideas can be shared, lessons can be learned and fed back into the process and where documentation is assessed for completeness? The desire for a homogenous approach to project design, delivery and benefits management often leads clients down the route of creating a Programme or Project Management Office (PMO).  With experience in creating and managing PMOs in the public and private sectors we are confident we can design and deliver a PMO with the correct governance and assurance principles to fit your organisation.  Cadenza’s consultants have first rate experience of creating Programme and Project Management Offices which have helped their clients close inefficient or no longer required projects and bring new control into projects which were ineffective. We can also offer a service to “parachute” additional resource into your existing PMO to add new control and new processes, or simply provide additional resource to tide you over creating or running your PMO.


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